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Sherwood Recovery Services

Sherwood Recovery Services is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reclaim lost or misplaced assets.  With a team of experienced professionals, we employ cutting-edge techniques to locate and recover financial assets efficiently.  Whether it's unclaimed funds, forgotten investments, or dormant accounts, we specialize in reuniting clients with their valuable assets, providing a seamless and secure process throughout.

Our Team

Our Team

Kristen Cadenhead 
Owner/Recovery Agent

Kristen is a dedicated professional and United States Air Force veteran with a distinguished service record in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.  With a passion for service, Kristen channels her expertise into the asset recovery business, where she excels in customer service.  Committed to community support, she tirelessly represents clients in reclaiming assets from government agencies, leveraging her military precision and dedication to ensure a seamless and successful recovery process. 

Dianne Cadenhead
Research Specialist

Dianne is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of exceptional customer service experience and nearly two decades specializing in state law at a legal library.  As a dedicated research specialist, she focuses on locating clients and delving into intricate state and local laws essential for successful asset recovery.  Dianne's extensive background ensures a thorough understanding of legal nuances, making her an irreplaceable resource in navigating the complexities of asset recovery processes.

Lee Cadenhead
Recovery Agent

Lee is a seasoned professional who has over 40 years in professional services.  As a highly experienced recovery agent, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.  Specializing in representing clients, Lee excels in meticulously filing all necessary documents needed to recover lost assets.  His decades of expertise ensure a comprehensive and efficient approach, making Lee an invaluable asset in the pursuit of reclaiming what rightfully belongs to our clients. 

Dusti Cadenhead
Research Specialist

Dusti is a seasoned professional with over 20 years in the realm of professional services.  Drawing from her extensive background in loss prevention, Dusti brings a unique perspective to the team.  As a dedicated research specialist, she employs her expertise to investigate and uncover valuable information crucial for asset recovery.  Dusti's commitment to detail and wealth of experiecne make her an indispensable asset in our mission to secure and reclaim assets for our clients. 

Need more details? Contact us

At Sherwood Recovery Services, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone or email, or connect with us on social media.

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